Vineeta’s is a  Registered Dental Hygienist at Word of Mouth Dentistry, who discovered the documentary called Omo Child: The River and the Bush in the summer of 2015. The film is about a region in Ethiopia called Omo Valley where the tribes practice the killing of children who are considered ‘cursed’.

After watching the life changing film, Vineeta met Lale Labuko, a young man from Kara tribe in Omo Valley who has been saving the lives of the so called “Mingi” babies. After meeting Lale, Vineeta was inspired. She knew that she would be making a trip to Ethiopia to provide free dental hygiene care for the Omo Child family.

In the summer of 2016 Vineeta travelled to Ethiopia to provide free dental hygiene care to 43 children and 7 adults in Jinka, Ethiopia. None of the 50 individuals had ever had their teeth cleaned before. She is now fundraising to revisit and continue her volunteer work.

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